Alfred Frayer, BA

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Alfred Frayer, BA
Youth Program Director

My Name is Alfred Lee Frayer aka Coach Al. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Charleston SC. I am the oldest of my mother’s 3 children. As a kid I enjoyed my time out of school during holidays and the summer playing outside with friends and family.

We played football, kickball and of course basketball. Basketball became my outlet and passion. I remember summer days at my grandparents’ house setting up my basketball court in their yard using their trash cans. Spending all day and night outside shooting hoops into their trash can.

Eventually I wanted to play rec basketball with the rest of my friends. So, I went to my mother and asked her if I could play but because of our disadvantages financially, made it hard for me to participate in it. I remember that feeling like it happened yesterday, and I believe that moment in time is the reason for my passion for giving all youth the chance to be the best version of themselves.

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