About the Organization

A Second Chance Resource Center United, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to contributing to sustained economic development that individuals and families can rely on.

We serve former felons, families of felons, people struggling with substance abuse, and others in need of trusted, reliable help they can count on to help them make the leap forward to a more positive, more fulfilling life.

What We Do

A Second Chance Resource Center (ASCRC) uses innovative strategies and a holistic approach to empower disadvantaged individuals and families while broadening communities and building assets that prevent poverty, create equality, and strengthening the social fabric.

ASCRC embraced a community where individuals and families can prosper, with access to quality education, sustainable businesses, affordable housing, healthcare, gainful employment, and live in a safe and violent-free environment.

Our Programs

ASCRC efforts have impacted neighborhoods in transition where families work to rebuild and sustain quality housing, school, and businesses.

ASCRC is empowering and providing: parenting education, case management, job readiness/career planning, tutoring and mentoring, financial literacy, education on arts and culture/historic preservation, as well as various workshops and seminars that connects with referral sources that empower and strengthen low-income individuals and families.

A Second Chance Resources Center provides a wide range of programs to suit each individual’s life re-entry, economic development, mentoring, and other related needs.

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ASCRC continues to network with community partners and develop workforce initiatives to help create economic opportunities, empowering the many individuals and families that seek out services. ASCRC recognizes and understands that strong families, build strong sustainable communities and law abiding citizens.

  • 1 in every 28 children has a parent in jail or prison.
  • 4,814,200 adults-one in fifty U.S. adults were on probation, parole, or other post-prison supervision