A Second Chance Resource Center provides professional staffing and employment services to meet an organization’s labor shortage needs. We actively maintain an extensive pool of qualified candidates to fill both temporary and temporary-to-hire positions.

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Temporary Staffing

Our pre-screened and tested temporary employees fit seamlessly into your business to get the job done. Further, you pay only for the hours the temporary employee works and aren’t burdened with unemployment claims, benefits and tax-incurring employee costs.

  • Fill in for a regular employee who is on sick leave, vacation or maternity leave
  • Increase or decrease depending on seasonal business
  • Seamlessly add for special events


 This could be the best hiring options for your company. Consider this process a “working interview” ending in the right hire for your company. Our team will screen candidates and present you with only the most qualified employees. While they remain on our payroll, you will have the chance to observe their performance and work ethic before making a definite commitment.

  • Select high caliber employees from a number of qualified applicants, pre-screened for your exact needs.
  • Utilize a low-risk trial period before making a commitment to hire.
  • Experience a smooth transition from temporary to permanent when you determine the candidate is perfect match for your company.

More than Just Temporary Staffing

Our goal is to create relationships that change the trajectory of a business, positively. We’re confident that we can provide a workplace solution for you. Contact us to learn more.